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Aluminum truss stage cover

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    29 de septiembre de 2021, 6:47:44 -03


    Aluminum truss stage cover

    Outdoor event roof truss

    Outdoor truss with covering

    Modular roof truss system

    Flexible aluminum truss stage

    aluminum truss stage details:

    Size: 400X400mm

    Main tube: 50X3mm

    Brace tube: 25X2mm

    Length of truss: 1m - 4m

    Company type: Factory, supplier, manufacturer

    Export markets: Global markets

    Certification: CE and SGS

    Features: Hanging light, LED light, speaker, poster, banner, etc.

    Characteristic: High corrosion resistence, non-rust with high technical welder and good quality of alloy aluminum tube.

    Roof system including beam truss, tower truss, hinge tower, sleeve block, crossarm, manual hoist, steel base, fabric cover and other accessories.

    Usage: The roof system is ideal for concert, ceremony, party, trade show exhibition, celebration, banquet, product launch, stage show.

    aluminum truss stage available:

    Small size for exhibition: 200X200mm, 250X250mm, 300X300mm

    Medium size for stage: 350X350mm, 300X400mm, 400X400mm, 400X600mm, 450X450mm

    Large size for concert: 500X600mm, 520X760mm, 600X760mm