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Precautions for aluminum alloy truss

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    3 de septiembre de 2021, 3:05:14 -03


    Precautions for aluminum alloy truss as a stage stand in the face of heavy storm

    Seeing that it was about to enter the winter, the winds in various places began to increase. Especially in the recent hot spots in West, there were nine-level winds blowing people from the mountains. Friends who go out should pay attention.

    Aluminum roof truss blown down by strong wind

    What does it mean to say this? In fact, I want to remind friends who perform in outdoor performances to pay attention to safety during the performance and pay more attention to safety. At the same time, I will bring you some precautions and solutions when building aluminum roof truss outdoors.

    The safety level that can be used when the concert truss performance encounters a storm:

    1. The stage stand can work when the wind is less than or equal to level 7 gale;

    2. The stage frame withstands wind speed of ≤10.7m/s;

    3. The stage frame has the ability to resist wind when the wind speed is 20m/s.

    4. Strictly constructed according to the standards given by the manufacturer, and various supporting and mechanical components cannot be removed.

    Solutions above the above level:

    1. Remove all the windward equipment, and then immediately drop the objects that are easy to fall on the stage during the performance;

    2. Do not panic when dismantling the stage frame, orderly strengthen and remove the auxiliary equipment of the stage frame;

    3. It is impossible to dismantle the Reyah frame built in the large-scale performance immediately.

    4. When a yellow alarm is encountered during heavy rain, the tarpaulin on the stage rack should be removed immediately.

    5. Always ensure the drainage system at the top to avoid damage caused by rain pressure over the roof.